To get rid of scrap metal at a time that works for you the best, we also offer container rental in Riga and Riga Region.
Companies producing scrap metal as a result of their economic activities,
can use our containers in their territories for collection and subsequent removal of scrap metal.

Types of containers

8 m3
Width 2 m,
Lenght 4 m,
Height 1.25 m3
30 m3
Width 2.4 m,
Lenght 4 m,
Height 2 m
40 m3
Width 2.4 m,
Lenght 7 m,
Height 2.4 m

Container prices for scrap metal removal:

Riga- EUR 40.00

Outside Riga - EUR 1.05 EUR per 1 km

Large deliveries of scrap metal are subject to individual price and transportation agreements.

More details on the phone:

tālrunis 26003007, 25506255